Please note, The Lithium batteries are not designed to be left on charge permanently. When the green light shows on the charger disconnect the battery.

Failure to adhere to this will result in battery damage.


INTRODUCING... The SMARTCADDY range of lithium powered electric golf trolleys. Each trolley in the range is constructed from aerospace quality aluminium in a distinctive wave design. We are proud to announce that each trolley will be assembled at our facility in Nottingham here in the UK. This allows us to have ultimate control over the quality of each trolley. All fasteners are marine quality stainless steel to give greater longevity and enhanced appearance. The trolleys use the latest Li - Ion battery technology and will cover 18 / 27 holes with ease. These light weight batteries also reduce the overall weight of the trolleys by an impressive margin, whilst also allowing them to fold down to a compact size for easy transportation. Choose from Single motor, Twin motor, or The top of the range Twin motor with Remote control. All the trolleys are backed up with a full 3 year warranty on the Lithium battery. Each trolley offers contemporary looks, with easy assembly in less than 60 seconds, At a value for money price, All produced here in the UK. The battery chargers and trolleys are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Look good, feel good, play better.

So please take a few minutes to browse through our website and see which piece of equipment will help you enjoy your golf more.