I Have had my Smartcaddy SC301R for a month now and it is excellent. Proved Its worth on a recent golf trip where after 36 holes of links golf it had plenty battery left. I highly recommend it.

Little tip. Don't put the remote in your pocket !!!!!!
Kind Regards
Heidar Helguson, QPR Striker

Hi Smartcaddy Thank you for your prompt and excellent customer service. Smartcaddy is working well and I am getting to grips with maneuvering around the course! It is fun.

Kind regards

Clare Page


Just made my debut with the SMARTCADDY. Fantastic bit of kit...... It's a different sport with it for sure.

IAN WOAN, Former Nottingham Forest Legend


"After using the Smartcaddy SC301R trolley, it's smooth controls and easy to use remote mean you won't ever have to look at another electric trolley again. Not only does it look sharp but it's easy to store away and is so light compared to other brands. One of the best things for me is the super lightweight lithium battery, having stayed in many hotels my old battery was so heavy to carry around it was a nightmare. But now I will never have that problem again, plus I can practice in the morning and still play a 1st round of a championship without the need to charge the lithium battery."

"My home course in Scotland is extremely hilly, but by using the power button on the handle I found it was easy to control the trolley on the really rocky and uneven parts of the course, then I use the remote to cruise the fairways. The Smartcaddy SC301R is well balanced and will not topple over when used correctly. Be the talk of the club by purchasing the hottest electric trolley on the market."

John Gallagher, www.johngallaghergolf.com

"The Smartcaddy SC301R has proven to be one of my better acquisitions in these difficult times. I can echo the other favourable reviews regarding ease of stowage, lightness and build quality. The remote control unit is very light and compact and simple to use. So I find (now I have learned not follow the trolley about) that I don't actually walk anywhere near as far during a round as I would with my old electric trolley." "I find it especially useful when helping playing partners find their ball, you can send the Smartcaddy one way and walk elsewhere, then summon it at will. It's like having a caddy who has the good sense to keep quiet - in fact I've called mine Fanny, because it 's built like a tank and does as it's told." "I have to agree wholeheartedly with John Gallagher that the super light lithium ion battery makes life so much easier. It charges really quickly and will do 36 holes and still pull you out of a ditch; and if you are absent minded like me and forget to charge it, it will probably still do another 36 holes!" "The trolley all in all is very well designed; I particularly like the elasticated ball-and-loop retaining straps which are an absolute doddle to use, with no fiddly straps or buckles. The only downside to the trolley is that it stows away in my boot so quickly, I am always first at the bar and have to get the beers in! "

Mr W G Neville, Stapleford Abbotts. Essex.

"The SmartCaddy is the best power trolley I have used, it looks great with its thoughtful leading edge design and with powerful twin motors it eats the yards on the Marbella courses without any difficulty. A lightweight construction and easy assembly also add to it being the best powered golf trolley I have been able to find."

Mr Sweeney, Marbella.

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