If you want to be able to enjoy your golf without having to worry about your golf trolley then Smart Caddy has the perfect solution for you.

Remote golf trolleys can be completely controlled by the use of a remote control, making them easy to use and hassle free. Without the struggle of having to pull your heavy golf cart round you are able to focus entirely on your game, thus improving your performance.

Thanks to the latest generation of 18 or 36 hole Li-ion battery, you can have a fully charged battery within 6 hours of charging. Compared to a normal battery that can only be recharged between 200-300 times, this new design can be recharged in excess of 1200 times and still give a high performance.

Along with the battery life of your remote golf trolley lasting longer than ever before, you also have the ability to keep up-to-date thanks to our available upgrades.

Although we understand that many golfers like to stick with the same equipment for many years once they have become familiar with what they have, but in case you worry about your caddy becoming out dated we offer fantastic upgrade opportunities on any of our golf trolleys, including the remote Smart Caddy SC301R.

So if you are looking for your perfect golf caddy then get in touch with us today, whether you are interested in our Remote golf trolleys or any of our other ranges we are more than happy to help, so give us a call!